How To Make Money On 99designs

A good way to make money online which is accessible to freelance designers as well as other creative people is an internet site called 99designs. Learn more here!

How To Make Money On 99designs

99designs is one of the world’s biggest online design marketplace, connecting designers, graphic artists, tattoo artists (yup even tattoos!) and organizations around the world.

It provides creators and designers a chance to get paid for their designs and build up their portfolios. 99designs has paid out a huge number of dollars to designers (we’re talking about more than two hundred million dollars here), so you can see the income potential on this platform.

Before we begin, I want to share with you some of the most well-known logos that were designed to indicate something more than simple aesthetics.

How To Make Money On 99designs

The designer Rob Yanov took a bite of an apple and coincidentally, realized that the sound of “bite” is exactly the same as the computer term “byte”.

How To Make Money On 99designs

Amazon logo shows the arrow stretched between the letters A and Z, which implies that the company sells almost every product you can imagine from A to Z.

How To Make Money On 99designs

Toblerone, the famous chocolate company based in Bern (city of bears), Switzerland, includes a silhouette of a bear in its logo.

So How Does 99designs Work?

99 designs is one of the best option to generate income online if you are the artistic, creative type and know how to use graphic styles and icon modification softwares like Photoshop.

It starts with a client ordering a design for all kinds of purpose (website logo, branding, packaging etc). The client then have an option to either hire a designer (1 to 1 projects) or start a contest.

If the client choose the latter, designers and creators will submit their ideas for the client to consider. The contest will end once the client picks the design of his choice.

How To Start Making Money On 99designs?

The concept is simple. A client opens a contest for a requested design. Artists and designers compete with each other and only one winner gets picked. If you win the contest, you’ll receive the prize money.

The Steps Of Making Money On 99designs Are As Follows:

  • A person or business desires a design for various purposes. They then build a contest, outlining what they expect to be done and provide the details necessary to help designers make a kind of design or logo they need.
  • There are over 1500 competitions open at about any time with prize money usually above $200.00 per contest. Most contests take less than an hour to complete. This is like a platform similar to Upwork but focuses on designers and graphic artists.
  • Once the contest was posted, it is available for any freelance designers to participate in.
  • Designers will see specific demands of contest creators such as look of the design, what colors to work with, preferred size etc.
  • Designers approach up with a plan and send their designs for evaluation.
  • The contest creator makes a decision for the winner.
  • If you win the competition, 99designs will send the earnings to your account and you can request for a payout thru Payoneer, PayPal or Direct Deposits (minimum amount to cash out is $25.00).

Things To Note:

  • I encourage for you to join guaranteed contests only. This means that the customer has guaranteed that they will select a winning designer, which ensures the prize money will be paid to the designer who has won the contest.
  • Optimize your profile and portfolio by maximizing the use of description and tags (keywords that will make your work easily found by clients). This will serve as your brand on the market so make sure to do your best in making an impact to potential clients.
  • Make sure to respond within 24 hours on all project invitations sent to you. This is directly correlated to your Responsiveness score.
  • Take advantage of the availability status when you are on vacation, dealing with an emergency or just away for any reason and not able to respond quickly

If you have an artistic mind, 99designs is one of the best place to start your designing career. Some contests can be highly competitive but if you have the passion to expand your artistic persona, this platform will make you become better (not to mention the earnings you will get on every projects completed and contests won).

Did you already try 99designs? Do you have any story to share? Let us know in the comments!

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