How To Make Money Online With Fiverr

More and more people are enjoying as it brings buyers and sellers together. See one of the coolest platform where you can earn decent money by offering various services online. Learn more!

How To Make Money Online With Fiverr

More and more people are making money online and Fiverr is one of the simplest platform that makes it possible. In this post, I want to share with you how it works, how to make money online with Fiverr and how to stand out from the competition.

What is Fiverr?

Fiverr is the world’s largest marketplace where people offer their goods/services (gigs) starting at $5. This means that if you have a skill or service that can be sold digitally, you can take advantage of this powerful platform.

What kind of services can be sold?

I’m telling you that almost everything can be sold digitally from the most bizarre service (there’s one selling a video of her feet for $5, seriously!) to the most in demand like online services, graphic designs, e-books etc.

The best thing about Fiverr is that the people visiting the site are ready buyers and all you have to do is to make your gig stand out. ​

To get started, go to Fiverr website and create an account for FREE or try to get a service that you may be interested at just to get the feel of how it works on the buyer’s side.

What if I have no service to offer online?

That is quite unlikely because you can almost think of any service that others may need and start to create a gig out of it (if you can record yourself a video singing happy birthday, that in itself is a profitable gig!).

A skill or knowledge you have that someone else might want can be sold on Fiverr and there are some really weird and crazy gigs out there that you wouldn’t believe people are actually making decent money from.

Fiverr gigs

Let me tell you 2 highly in demand gigs ANYONE can do.

1. Social Media Gigs– Companies know the power of social media, and they’re willing to pay thousands and thousands of dollars for their brands to be promoted across various social media platforms. Highly sought skills are managing Facebook pages, grow Twitter and Instagram followers, Pinterest management and so much more!

You don’t need to be an expert, all you need is the ability to access these social media platforms and the expertise will eventually follow.

2. Video Testimonials – This is also one of the highly sought, profitable gigs that anyone can absolutely do. Tons of companies pay for literally anyone who can provide them a good review for their products or services.

Most of these companies give an outline of what they want you to say on the video and you just have to incorporate a bit of your personality to make it appear more unique and genuine.

How to make your gig stand out?​
  • Make your gig one of a kind (e.g. if your gig is about increasing social media promotion, find a way that the reach will be targeting a specific audience based on customer preference)
  • Share your story and show examples on how you professionally delivered results to your previous clients.
  • Build good relationship with your clients and always provide the extra mile, this can lead to 5 star feedback which gives a boost on your rankings
  • Get a high quality Gig image to stand out!
  • Properly “Tag” your gig. If your gigs are not properly tagged, they will not be seen by the right people.

How do you get paid in Fiverr?

  • Direct Deposit to your bank in U.S
  • PayPal
  • Fiverr Revenue Card powered by Payoneer/Mastercard
Things to note:
  • Just like any things in life, the beginning is always challenging and this isn’t a get-rich-quick scheme (though the potential for quick profits are highly probable depending on your gig). As you start to get gig orders, your Fiverr level will increase which enables you to offer more gigs.
  • Fiverr has a 20% service fee for each gig completed (if your gig sells for $5, you’ll get $4 net profit).
  • Take into account the time for you to complete each order. A gig which sells an e-book naturally has a faster delivery time than a gig that offers customize website creation. A faster delivery time can cater to several, if not, hundreds of gigs per week making the profitability higher.
  • You can offer a faster delivery time as an add-on for an extra fee (e.g. If you are a content writer and has a gig of $5 per 1000 words article with delivery time of 3 days, you can put an add-on of extra $5-$10 for the article to be delivered in 1 day. This is good for buyers who want to have their orders ASAP)
  • Maximize the services you offer in your Standard and Premium package. Do not hesitate to over deliver as this will give you stellar reviews from your customers.
  • Go beyond $5 if what you’re offering is something of high value
  • You can ask your friends and family to be the first customers and get five stars feedback. Momentum builds momentum.
  • If you have built enough confidence about your skills and services, you may join an exclusive community of Pro sellers with Fiverr Pro which allows you to connect with top customers and gain access to premium business design projects.
If you have questions about how to make money with Fiverr, please feel free to leave a comment below and I will answer them for you.
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